Support for refugees: Portrait of HERMINE board member Johannes Dörr


Portrait photo Nina Kammleiter

Nina Kammleiter

Portraitbild Johannes Dörr

Johannes Dörr

Audiodatei der Podcastfolge mit dem Titel "Hilfe für Geflüchtete: HERMINE-Vorstand Johannes Dörr im Porträt"

Help for refugees and people in need: This is what the Würzburg-based association HERMINE e. V. provides. FHWS graduate Johannes Dörr speaks about HERMINE in general, his work as board member, and how he got there.

Already as a child, Johannes Dörr encountered and got to know different cultures. Due to the work of his father, his family has lived in Portugal, Austria and Germany during his childhood. His graduation from secondary school did not halt his curiosity for the world: He decided to go on a world trip and then study Business and Engineering at FHWS. The international character of the degree programme was the decisive factor for him. During his studies, Johannes joined the HERMINE association, dedicating his time to refugees. Since he graduated from FHWS, he has been working a full-time job and is an active board member of HERMINE on the side. In the #FHWSPodcast, Johannes tells us about his life and why there is no other option for him than helping others. Enjoy listening!

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