A chess-playing robotic arm


Profil-Foto der Interviewerin: Alicia Weigel

Alicia Weigel

Tim Selig

Tim Selig

Prof. Dr. Bletz-Siebert

Prof. Dr. Oliver Bletz-Siebert

Humans have always communicated through speech. Prof. Martin Spiertz tells us, in the #FHWSPodcast, that you can also control robots through speech with the help of an algorithm.

In this day and age almost everyone knows how to play chess. But what can you do if you don’t have anyone to play with?

Tim Selig, who holds a bach-elor’s degree in Industrial Mathematics and is now a master’s student in Applied Mathematics and Physics, has come up with a solution. As part of his project work, he developed a chess programme known as ChessRoberta that controls a robotic arm. His work was supervised by Prof. Dr. Oliver Bletz-Siebert (mathematics). In our interview, they talk about what ChessRoberta can do, why the theoretical insights from Mr. Selig’s course of studies were highly applicable here, and what role artifi-cial intelligence can play in this area in future.
We hope you enjoy our #FHWSPodcast!

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